Checking out room 2404 at Swissotel Kamala Beach Suites. Resort is located a few minutes walk from the main road and Kamala Beach. Interior felt a bit worn out except bathroom which felt fresher. As with surprisingly many resorts, still in 2018, the TVs where old, not smart, and had bad reception. Staff, dining, in-room breakfast and gym was all good, as expected with Swissotel. There was not much of a view in the intrance area towards the pool side. Hill view from bedroom was better. This room was on the highest floor and there where no elevators in this building, so lots of walking. Helps keep you fit though, and the gym is in the building next to this one. Private road with parking lots for bikes runs around the resort. Would recommend this resort for families. Also check out the walk around video from Swissotel Kamala Beach. 

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