Video from 1-bedroom Sea View no M6U at Kamala Beach Estate Resort, Phuket Thailand. Checking out the room, resorts private beach and walking to a nearby cafe at the end. Nice view over Kamala beach and the bay. Very conveniently located resort at the south end of Kamala Beach. Short walk to 7-eleven and the Kamala beach road with plenty of restaurants. Interior styling was somewhat weird but had a well equipped 90s-style kitchen. Overall big and clean enough though. Good and clean bathroom and shower. There is a small beach but its rocky and not ideal for swimming. Staff, especially the stunningly pretty lady in the reception, were very nice and welcoming. Breakfast was below average so only tried i once even thouh it was included. Would recommend Sienna Rocks Café instead. It is just a short walk up the hill, they have proper coffee, sandwiches and a similar view as this room, only a bit higher and overlooking this resort. Also watch the walk around video from Kamala Beach Estate Resort.

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