Afternoon stroll at Ao Chao Phao Beach (or Haad Chao Phao) and Srithanu Beach, Koh Phangan, Thailand. Start walking from the north side of AO Chao Phao, from the Beyond the blue horizon Villa Resort and Frangipani Restaurant. Walking through a small rocky part by Pirates Bar Bar and in shallow water, at low tide, to Srithanu Beach. Walking northern part of Srithanu Beach to south. Looking at the southern part of Srithanu Beach/Bay which a visited in a previous video. Walking via Srithanu Beach towards north and Ao Chao Phao Beach again. I really liked this set of beaches. It might be hard to walk between the different beaches at high tide but at low tide it was  fairly easy. Some ground work seem to have been made to keep the land high for resorts compared to older photos I watched online of the area. Some of the natural style is probably lost as you can see the sections with crushed rocks pulled out in the sand. Nevertheless I enjoyed the stroll this afternoon. Some loud music where being played at the Pirate Bar at the south end of Ao/Haad Chao Phao but the rocks kept most of the noise over there.

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