Randomly booked Tea Tree Boutique Resort, Rawai, Phuket – a strange resort and made a strange video about it. Resort looked ok at the booking site photos but was old and under some renovation. In most Thailand resorts you get a welcome juice or tea, but here we got cans of coke ?. The dude in the reception said we would have to wait 1 hour for our room to be ready. 5 minutes later it was ready. The room was an ok space, mostly clean but some parts felt old and could have been cleaner and newer. Resort is located on the busy main road, a few minutes bike-ride from Rawai Beach. The resort dude hooked us up with an old bike and we made a trip to the viewpoint at Promthep Cape, the reason came to Rawai. Had some nice seafood at Rawai Beach and played some pool at the beerbars along the main road in the evening. As far as resort it is basically just a building and a pool, which I didn’t try because it wasn’t looking clean. When we went to checkout there was just a young kid in the lobby. He told us his dad had eaten some bad food and was sick. The cleaning lady who was the only staff around didn’t speak english when we asked for a taxi, but after a while she gave us a number. After an hour of waiting we left for Phuket Town. Probably was nice resort when it was new. As of 2018 it could be ok at a lower price, and if there where actual staff to help you check out properly.

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