Tour of a Deluxe Double Room, Balcony Sea View and walk-around at Riviera Beach Hotel in Fisherman’s Village, Bophut Beach, Koh Samui, Thailand. Interior needed some love for sure, but it was still a great room I could recommend because of the epic sea view and tranquility.

What was good?

This was the best room at this tiny hotel and we stayed here a couple fo days. Great panoramic view from bed and balcony facing Koh Phangan, as well as Bophut Beach to the left from the balcony. Sunset is partially blocked by another building/hotel, no big deal. Loved the tranquil feel and watching the birds chasing mosquitos (I hope). Balcony was in a nice shade from the sun pretty much all day. Friendly staff, like a decent BNB but with some flaws as stated below. This hotel is on the north side of Samui, right at Bophut Beach on the east side of Fisherman’s Village. Not too central but just a couple of minutes away from restaurants. Fisherman’s Village is kind of nice if you like a laid back area with good food options. I always enjoy The Coffee Club for branded Western/Thai food and Sabeinglae Restaurant has som really nice Thai food. CoCo Tam’s Beach Club had a pretty cool fire-show and decent drinks in the evening. The nightlife ends early and the whole area gets nice and quiet. Family and sleep-friendly location. The east side of the beach is of a fishing village style and the west has more resorts, like the classy Hansar Samui for example.

What was not so good?

There is no elevator and lots of stairs. The interior felt a little bit like it had barely survived through the golden days of Samui. The hotel seems to have been renamed from “Hacienda”, as it still goes by that name on some maps as well as some parts of the lobby. New management might be the reason the maintenance and style had fallen behind a bit. The vintage fat-flat tv-set had the worst signal ever, better just look at the ocean. Air-con seemed to be locked in one mode – full ice blast in the face at the bed. The shower-heads needed some serious de-brushing. Overall ok cleanliness but not when you checked closer in detail. Rock-hard bed and just one ultra-light pillow per person, not enough back support for all-day bed business. Those decorative pillows shouldn’t be touched without acid-proof gloves ?.Water in the bay looked decent, but there was a blue pipe coming straight out at the beach, visual at low tide…wastewater just like that, ? really…yeah probably 55. Overall slightly overpriced room for its interior, lack of two sleeping pillows per person and crappy tv-set – however, the awesome view made me forget about all these flaws, mai pen whatever.

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