Superior Partial Ocean View Villa and walkaround at Beyond The Blue Horizon Villa Resort, at the north end of Chao Pao Beach (also called Ao Cha Phao or Haad Chao Pao), Koh Phangan, Thailand. Overall a good, laid back, small boutique style resort.

What was good?

The location at north end of Chao Pao Beach is nice, perfect view over the beach and epic sunsets. The Superior Villa was a classic round Thai type. ”Superior” is an exageration as usual but ”Partial Ocean View” was correct as well as “Blue Horizon”. The Villa felt clean enough. Not the softest of beds but it was ok. The TV was up to date with Netflicks and YouTube etc – great for me as I was sick and stayed mostly in bed. As I was sick I didn’t have the wildest appetite but the little food I had was well made. You could dine at the “Frangipani” restaurant as an outside guest as well. The restaurant slash pool area has a really great view. There was a western manager with good knowledge of the island and assisting with helpful tips. I thought Ao Chao Pao was a nice, clean and calm beach. Swimming should probably be done at high tide before lunch. In the evening the water got really shallow and sunset-chilling was the main activity. At least during spring when this video was shot.

What was not so good?

Nothing really overly bad about this place but I’ll write a few minor flaws anyway: The safety box was of that ancient small horrible type, I can’t stand those. The reception was at the pool/beach/restaurant and not at the entrance, so there was a lot of walking up and down over the hill. Some light stains on the walls in the bedroom, probably from cleaning, but that should have been cleaned as well. The main shower head needed a scrub of the nozzles. There was some bassy party music in the evening, probably from Pirates Bar down the beach, it might not be everyday but bring some earplugs just in case, if you plan to sleep early that is. Note that as it’s a small resort there is none of the usual facilities like fitness room or spa etc. (except a library if you like reading), but there are plenty of options along the main road, beach or nearby villages.

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