A trip to the Pattaya City Sign Viewpoint – in the daytime and the nighttime at Full moon. This is the best viewpoint in Pattaya after Pattaya viewpoint, also located at Pratumnak hill / Pratumnak park. There is a huge empty terrace in front of the sign but only a small sculptured fish-bench in front of the city-letters. I think the best time to visit is at nighttime. There was zero people in the day, only a couple of friendly locals having a drink at night. You could hike around the Pratumnak park if you are fit but taxi or bike is the easiest way the get here sweat-less. The taxi’s I booked all had serious problem finding the way here and circled around the one-way roads multiple times. I said like; Stop, this way, go here!! Yet they refused to trust me…what the frog??? It seems like a lot of taxi drivers in Thailand all have smartphones but don’t know how to use them or read a map or something…it’s so weird ? haha.

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