Walking Haad Yao Beach East, also called Haad Yao, Yao Beach or Paradise Beach, Koh Phangan, Thailand. Note that this beach is on the east coast of Phangan, and there is a beach with same name on the west coast of Phangan as well, check out the video here. Nice and swelly day at the bay and one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand right here I think, but plastic trash are washing up in serious amounts. The south half of the beach has an abandoned resort so that part is probably cleaned less often. It’s a depressing sight of all kinds of trash, but mostly plastic packaging. Thailand evidently has a serious sea-trash problem. Makes you think that everything bought in 7-eleven, Family Mart and such, should be healthy and sold in a bamboo or coconut box/bottle. All islands/beaches should also charge visitors a fee for cleaning- and waste management squads. With all the millions of tourists Thailand seem to depending on it’s surprising thisΒ haven’t been done already. A beach looking like a dump site isn’t “Amazing” like the ad says.