A look at a Family Suite and walk-around at Nora Beach Resort & Spa, Koh Samui, Thailand. Nice little resort in a calm area at the north end of Chaweng Beach. What I liked best about Nora Beach Resort was the relaxing feel, the breakfast buffet and the fantastic Samui sunrise.

What was good?

I booked a ”Seafacing room” but staff was kind and gave a free upgrade to a ”Family Suite” i building no 3. The room(s) was clean. Very classic interior, but the bathroom was surprisingly brand new in a more modern style. “Sea facing” sounds weird, and it was, at least from this building. Not bad, but more like a garden view with a glimt of the ocean in the distance, from the balcony. The best part of the view was blocked by another building. Two sets of TV’s, no exiting channels, but as I was sleeping off a Pattaya-trip anyway, it wasn’t any big deal. There was also two air-conditioners, I like that, and complimentary shoe cleaning. The gardens looked nice while walking the short stroll to the restaurant, pool and beach. Small fitness room but I never saw anyone using it so not crowded. Nice beach front pool area. The beach is calm and not crowded at all like in other parts of Chaweng. Excellent sunrise beach. Perhaps not for a longer swim but for a dip. It’s a bit of a fishing village style at the point south of the resort, but in front of Nora the water looked fresh and inviting. I’m not sure if it has a name of its own but some maps call it Chaweng Point, North Chaweng beach or even Nora Beach. It is basically a part of Chaweng beach but when the tide is high sections of it disappears. When the tide is low however, then you can walk to the south of Chaweng, as well as a few small bays separated by rocks further north. Breakfast buffet was good and the restaurant sits nicely right at the beach. Not much business right outside on the main road but there are more restaurants popping up as you walk towards central Chaweng. It takes about 20-30 minutes if you walk to central Chaweng and it’s a bit dangerous with lots of passing traffic. With taxi it’s just a few minutes away. I went with the resorts own transportation a couple of times and it was a good service. Another good thing about this resort is that it’s close to the airport without the airplanes flying right above like in central Chaweng.

What was not so good?

Nothing to complain about here really, but bedroom and living room could use a slight refresh to match the slick, brand new style of the bathroom. TV-channels was dull and they should put smart-tv’s with Youtube asap. Sure most people carry their own smart units nowadays but I personally like to have YouTube running in the back on a big screen while I’m on my portable dual screen setup ?, it’s stupid I know, thank you kap.


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