Deluxe Room and walk-around at D Varee Diva Avenue, Koh Samui, Thailand. The name sounds flashy but it was more like a dated budget room at a high price than ”deluxe”. If you want to party in Soi Reggae for some reason, don’t mind a simple room and get it at a low price, then this hotel might be ok for you. For me, 1500 baht per night was an insult when I can stay at places like Cosi Chaweng or similar for 1-1500 THB per night, with proper standard.

What was good?

The few staff was polite. The shower-/toilet-part of the room seemed to be more recently renovated. The area is in the backroads of central Chaweng so it’s pretty easy to get around and it’s calmer than closer to Chaweng Beach, which still is almost within walking distance. Family Mart just a minute north and 7-eleven a couple of minutes south of the hotel. The usual thai-style restaurants and a weird selection of bars in the neighborhood. A little bit of hill-view from the balcony was nice and view from the top floor pool was also good.

What wasn’t so good?

This hotel felt very dated. It was probably nice when it was new but not now. There was the most horrible smell inn the hallway outside of the room, feel sick when I think about it. The interior was falling apart here and there if you looked closer in detail, except for the shower/toilet. The shower head was blackish though. The glass-/curtain-solution was weird so you are literary dumping in your bedroom ?. The main air-conditioner was not in use and replaced by a unit that looked fairly new, but it had that moldy, sickening smell to it. I actually got fatally sick inn pneumonia the week after (no joke), of course I can’t blame this hotel but I that AC or shower is still my prime suspect. The fitness room was the worst i’ve seen so far, it looked like a ghost town saloon covered in dust. The pool area was in need of some serious love as well. Can’t really recommend this hotel as it was, but if they make a refresh it could be a really nice place.

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