Morning stroll at Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui, Thailand. Watching the sun rise and walking from the southern point up to Chaweng North. Entering at the south end of Chaweng Beach (except Chaweng Noi Beach which is the most south you can go). There was a closed restaurant so nobody, including myself, seem to worry about the No-entrance-sign to enter the beach. This is probably the only part of Chaweng where you can see a little bit of the ocean from the beach-road. At 21:03 is the only actual public road/path to to enter Chaweng beach, at least that I know of. Some resorts like Ark Bar (at 36:00) usually let you walk through their land without asking. I usually avoid Chaweng during the day as it gets hot and crowded. Here in the morning it’s a lovely beach, not a jet-ski in sight, and not much people at all despite being sort of a high-season.

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