Daytime stroll at Pineapple Beach and Laluna Beach or La Luna Beach, Koh Samet, Thailand. Small sections of sands between rocks in the north-east of Koh Samet island. This area is blocked by resorts but it shouldn’t be a problem if you’re visiting from outside. In this video I start walking in Baan Supparod, walking through Sai Kaew Beach Resort and stopping at Larissa Samed Resort. Nobody seemed to care but I bought a drink at Baan Supparod restaurant just to be nice. The names of these beaches are a bit confusing as they aren’t usually marked at any maps, online or offline. Not the best beaches for swimming in Samet but worth a visit for the views. You can reach these beaches walking from Sai Kaew Beach through Larissa Samed Resort. There is a wall between Baan Supparod and Sai Kaew Beach Resort so you have to walk through the resorts if you don’t walk on the rocks.

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