A trip to Overlap Stone, Koh Samui, Thailand. Very beautiful but very dangerous viewpoint. Honestly, the road to get here was the most scary, curly, steep thing I have ever travelled. The concrete was covered with sand and the taxi almost slid off the cliff. It is not shown in the video but I recommend parking early and walking the steep part. Anyway you have to pay for parking and then walk a couple minutes to reach the viewpoint. I thought this was straight up jungle but the viewpoint is actually some dudes front porch 55. There is a tip box at the porch asking for 20 THB next to the laundry. The dude keep the path looking like a garden so it is worth the bucks. The Overlap Stone is a big and pretty dope rock just sitting there waiting to roll down. It is a little bit SCARE(!) so I wouldn’t recommend families with small kids going here. The view was limited to the south east this day, but that might vary depending on if the vegetation is cleared or not. Overall a cool (hot af actually) viewpoint if you want a selfie with a big boulder in your collection.

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